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      Guangzhou Cheuk Yan Testing Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CTS) dedicate to providing the professional technical consulting service for the Chinese products to enter into international market. Providing the excellent full-service to ISO 17025 system guidance.
      Endeavour to build the bridge between the Chinese supplier and the transnational buyer, become a long-term partnership & a Reprehensive office for multiple European and American companies. CTS owned years of certification experience, extensive international customer contact, high-quality supplier resources, and normative service philosophy, which were successfully, build a solid basis for supply and demand.
      To make "Made in China" into the global economic structure, Certification mark is necessary condition for the products to enter into international market. CTS regards the senior technical engineers as the core, provided the professional technical support and efficient application consulting services for all kinds of certification marks. Products in the field of bath& kitchen plumbing and fixture fittings, household and similar household and lightings , to help enterprises successfully get certification marks, especially in the field of plumbing equipment certification, our consulting scope included DVGW/KTW/LGA (Germany), ACS/CSTB/NF (France), KIWA (Holland), UL/CSA/NSF/UPC, WRAS (UK), Water-Mark/WELS (Australia), AENOR (Spain) and etc., with certification bodies having a long term relationship and good communication.
       For you, choose a rich actual combat experience of the company to assist the certification or accreditation is the best choice f to save time and manpower. And also our strengths are the localization test, short time, low cost high pass rate.CTS  Always together with you, realizing the benefit of the clients is our goal.